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  • Cristian Farias

    Cristian Farias

    Padre, informatico, aprendiz de data scientist y de fisico, enfocado en python y en los misterios del universo. #BigData #DataScience #IoT #MachineLearning #AI

  • Igor Petrov

    Igor Petrov

    Software Engineer | FinTech | Having Fun

  • Jotamaggi


  • Venu Madhav

    Venu Madhav

  • David Atkins

    David Atkins

    Family, Friends, Food and Fun

  • Rasmus Fransson

    Rasmus Fransson

    Business Analytics Manager | MSc Industrial Engineering & Management | Entrepreneur | Data Science Enthusiast

  • janani Shri

    janani Shri

  • Pravat Pandey

    Pravat Pandey

    I am a computer science student with lots of interests and a goal to be the best at all of them.

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